Another Oinktoberfest

One of our favorite events of the year is Oinktoberfest. It's right in our back yard. We don't have to figure out where the nearest grocery store is, and if we forget something we can run home and pick it up. Things are easy, and we're surrounded by lots of friendly BBQ folk. From the new teams to the long time veterans, Oinktobefest is a perfect depiction of what BBQ in Western New York is like.

It started off on Friday with the usual downpour. Teams battled the elements all night trying to get their cookers to stay consistent and make sure their fires didn't go out. The rocky ground in Clarence while not so great to sleep on is perfect for draining away what otherwise could have left us up to our ears in water.

Despite the weather we had a great time with Misfits of Meat, Just Wingin' It, Two Smoking Guys and all the teams that came in to hang out with us. We met some wonderful folk from Canada, and made new friends who we plan to see down in Tennessee at the Jack. What better way to spend our weekend?

The Saturday comp was nail biter as we vied for first place in the Empire State Championship series with the other teams in the Top 3 -- Good Smoke BBQ and Can't Stop Grillin'. In the end it was a true show down as Cant Stop Grillin finished 2nd Overall, Good Smoke finishing 3rd Overall and the Meatheads a close 7th Overall. Congrats to both teams for putting on a good show. We've enjoyed every minute of this years season!

So with our NY comps all wrapped up, we're prepping for our expansion into competition BBQ in abroad. Next up is the American Royal where we'll be competing in both the Open and Invitational competitions. We're entering new territory for us and we cant wait to show the world what we can do.