The Taste of Victory


The Meatheads spent the last 2 weekends in some very tough competitions at local events in Wilson and Boston Hills. For a local team, it's important to be a part of all the action in the area, where we get to see friends from around the nearby areas. But not only is it important to us to represent our home-town on a big-time scale, we relish the opportunity to compete against some of the most renowned and skilled teams in the barbeque world.

At the Crossborder Blues Brews and Que Festival in Wilson, NY the Meatheads continued to make a name for themselves finishing 8th Overall in the KCBS Competition, our second consecutive top 10 finish. Being 2-for-2, we enjoyed immensely the Sunday NEBS competition. Despite only having 3 competitors, this really forced us to test our skills going up against two of the strongest teams in the area, Good Smoke and Pork Ninjas. The very interesting Chef's Choice category was a big highlight for us, but despite 3 perfect scores, we managed to fall short finishing 2nd, and overall 3rd out of 3. As competitors, you hate to lose, but as friends, we were really happy to go up against the best of the best and hang tight.

We carried this momentum into Boston Hills, where for this year, we had a chance to feed the masses in a fundraiser for the Patchin Fire Company. The Meatheads did not disappoint and with rave reviews we fed dozens upon dozens of supporters. Kudos to Mike Cartechine who really knows how to make teams feel welcome, and inspires us to be the best we can be.

With the amenities being top-notch, camaraderie surrounding us everywhere, and support from the crowds, the Meatheads turned out their best performance ever in the KCBS competition. 1st Place Chicken, 2nd Place Ribs, 10th Place Pork, and 7th Place Brisket earned us our first ever KCBS Grand Champion. In the midst of the shock and awe, we were graciously cheered by many of our competing teams, and after all the hugs, high-fives and beers we were left extremely humbled. For a family team who started with a second-hand smoker, and love for food, it's amazing to think how far we've come and how much we've accomplished.

With one week off, followed by back-to-back competitions, the Meatheads are in mid-season stride, and looking to knock the next events out of the park. But deep down, we're just happy to be part of the big BBQ family we have grown to love and cherish. See everyone in Brockport!