We're Back!

After a storied year in 2011, the Buffalo Meatheads were excited to kick off this season with some quality results. Our first competition was at the annual Roc City Rib Fest. And the Meatheads did not disappoint. Nothing beats good weather, good scenery and good barbeque sauce. The guys from Good Smoke BBQ run a great event. Thanks to Brian, John, Josh and the rest of the crew for making Roc City one of the best events we attend all year.

The Saturday NEBS Grilling competition presented some initial challenges, firstly due the categories: Chicken Breast, Bacon, Meatballs and a Rochester favorite, White Hots. We took some very non-traditional approaches to these categories, and were met with some mediocre results. Our White Hots finished 11 out of 56 teams, showing that Western New York still has an upper hand when it comes to local delicacy. In the Rib Fest, yet another surprise first time competitor took home the grand prize, while the Meatheads finished 42 out of 109 teams.

Happy with our results, we carried our momentum into Sunday's KCBS event. One of our often heard comments during the weekend is, "Hey did you guys even move out of your chairs at all this weekend?" And usually we just shrug and smile. This weekend was no different, and involved a lot of taking in the sun and refreshments. At the end of the day we got calls for 20th in Chicken and 6th in Ribs, validating our good success. A 9th overall finish out of 80 teams was a great surprise, and has us ready to go for our next competition in Wilson. Hope to see you all there!