Buffalo Tastes Country...and Meat

The Taste of Country BBQ Nationals series rolled into unsuspecting Buffalo, NY with no idea what the event would bring. As a late entry, the Meatheads decided to "give it a go", as this was our closest, most local event to-date, and we couldn't just let the opportunity slip away. In what appeared to be an ever-growing mass of people, the Meatheads stood tall among other teams who were inundated with requests for more food. The event was a massive success, and proved that Buffalo is a town that is ravenous for Barbeque.

Friday evening kicked off with a small cookout for one of our local supporters. A special thank you to Tara Misiak for her contributions! Once nightfall hit, it was time to focus on the upcoming day. Although for the Meatheads, the KCBS events are a "no-brainer", every competition has a twist. This time around, it was a people's choice turn in, due at 11:00 for pork shoulder. We live for these challenges, and were excited to get started on it. Also, there were whispers of the possibility of giving samples away for tickets. With a full Saturday worth of activity, the Meatheads had to dig deep and recruit some extra help to get things moving smoothly. It's nice to be able to rely on family, we never could be where we are without it!

Saturday rolled around, and the People's Choice went in. Just as we were about to start boxing things for turn in, we noticed people were lining up for samples. Unbeknownst to us, they started selling tickets, so during the most important 2 hours of our day, a mob of starving BBQ enthusiasts were chomping at the bit to get a taste of our food. As the boxes went in, more and more people showed up, and once the serving pipeline began, it did not end until well after the last turn in was over. In the end, there was no food left to give, and as teams ran out, disappointed patrons were left to go to other vendors selling their products. Word around the event was that everybody was running out of food. Buffalo came to eat!

As the awards ceremony got underway, the Meatheads got called for 7th place in chicken. Getting through the throngs of people proved to be challenging so after stopping to chat with people along the way, we got called again for 2nd in Ribs before getting back to our spot. We finished the day 10th in pork and a first ever 1st Place in Brisket. The four top 10 finishes landed us with our 2nd KCBS Reserve Grand Champion and a qualifier for the Taste of Country Finals in Nevada.

With a big win, it was hard not to be filled with pride, knowing that we put forth a great effort in not only the competition side of the day, but to get a chance for people to taste our food and give us their feedback. One person was in line 6 times. Many people questioned "where's your restaurant so we can try your food?" When we told people we were just a competition team, people seemed disappointed, and one person even suggested buying an old restaurant to start our own. With this kind of reception, the awards to carry home were just icing on an already fantastic cake. It was a good day to be a Buffalonian, and a Meathead.