Competitions and Cookouts

July was a busy month for the Buffalo Meatheads. Between cookouts for some of our beloved sponsors (A big Thank You to Fran Levinson and Friends for their generous support!), competition and Brockport, and a Family Reunion, the Meatheads have been spread about. The one thing that remained the same throughout was our attention to making our gatherings fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, and having some fine BBQ as well.

The Brockport BBQ and Blues Festival was in a new location this year, which proved to be a challenge for many. The Northampton Park was a beautiful locale, with plenty of space to go around. While our site was a bit far away from the music, we enjoyed the scenery and solitude. Our focus really showed in the NEBS event where, despite being only 8 teams, was chock full of competition. The highlight of course being our Sausage turn-in coming in 1st, our Burgers coming in 3rd and in the Brockport Rib-Fest, our amazing ribs came in 2nd only to Good Smoke. With a 5th place finish in NEBS (a very solid showing despite the lack of teams), we were prepared to do well in the KCBS event.

However, with the Family Reunion taking place, the KCBS event turned out to be more challenging. With half the team gone, the Meatheads placed 6th in Chicken and a respectable 14th overall in the midst of some extremely heavy competition with teams coming from all over the Northeast and even Virgina for this event.

Both the competition and the reunion were large successes, due to the sacrifices and diligent hard work of our team members. We're proud to do the things we do, and despite the challenges, we rise to occasion time and again.

Look for us next at the Eastern Hills Mall on August 6th, and come sample our People's Choice pork!