Boston Hills BBQ Bog

Friday June 24, the Boston Hills BBQ Festival kicked off with on-again off-again showers all day long. By the time of the Team pot-luck dinner, the contest area was already damp and muddy. This had no ill effects on the competitors as each team battled the elements, with smiles and laughter. There's something about BBQ that brings the fun out of even the dreariest weather, so by Sunday's warm-up and beautiful sunshine, no one had even noticed the rain. Another successful event, ran by Mike Cartechine and crew. Well done!

The Meatheads maintained a solid showing in KCBS with a 7th overall placement, continuing to show excellence in Pork with a 2nd place call. With an 8th place Chicken, and Ribs and Brisket not far behind, we're getting more and more comfortable with our turn-ins. We're all excited for our next competition in Brockport to really kick into high-gear.

The NEBS event was about as tightly-matched as you could get. Wish some very generous judging, and some of the best up-and-coming grilling teams, it was a very tough competition. With our creative quick thinking, we cooked our pork tenderloin 3 different ways, none of which were the original plan, and scrapped our standard chicken wing recipe and tried something completely new. 3rd place in Wings was the highlight of our day, as Good Smoke topped the competitors with an astounding point total over 700 thanks to a perfect dessert. It looks like they are turning into the team to beat for 2011.

You'll see us next in Brockport, looking to keep the good times rolling!