Wilson Gets Smoked

The Crossborder Blues Brews & Que was host to the Buffalo Meatheads on June 17th and 18th, in Wilson, NY. The site was an old building made entirely of hand-laid stone, and will soon be host to the Woodcock Brothers Brewery. The Barbeque portion was expertly headed by Frank Tutzauer of Doghouse Willie. Frank made sure we were set with amenities, ice and managed to cram us between some fine BBQ folk, the Pork Ninjas and the Blues Competition winner, 12 Pack Jack. For as small as the event was, we were happy to be part of the inaugural run, and hope to see everyone again next year!

The KCBS competition went surprisingly easy. This was the Meatheads first one-day competition, and whether it was the focus we put towards the 4 big meats, or knowing that we'd be able to shower the next day, the cooks went by with ease, and the turn-ins were near perfect. We tweaked our recipes from Rochester ever so slightly with technical precision that included forgetting ingredients on the brisket, and starting the chicken late. The results were shocking: 6th in Brisket, 4th in Chicken, 4th in Ribs, and a shocking 1st place in Pork.

Now any BBQ team will agree that a day like that can't hardly be a bad day. But what makes it more exciting is knowing that while being a small contest, it had it's share of heavy hitters. On this Saturday, the Meatheads hung with big guns. With teams like, Regal BBQ, Big Belly BBQ, and the acclaimed Diva Q, the Meatheads were proud to take home Reserve Grand Champion, falling just short of the overall winner (yet again) to our friends at Good Smoke.

An uplifting weekend for the Meatheads, we are looking forward to keeping the spirit alive next weekend in Boston. We encourage everyone to come and check out what BBQ is really about: Friends, Family, and Fun!