Taking BBQ "Meathead" on in 2011

After an off-season full of planning, dissecting and preparation, the Meatheads kicked off 2011 in Rochester at the Roc City Ribfest. This event is becoming one of the largest BBQ events not only in New York but across the region, as over 120 teams showed up for the main event, the Rib Cook-Off. Despite the number of smokers, tents, and competitors, the weekend turned into a great time, and the rain was easily forgotten. Hats off to the boys from Good Smoke BBQ for a very well-deserved job well done!

Saturday's NEBS event was definitely something new to us. The categories for our past competitions normally revolved around a pork dish, a beef dish, a chicken and a dessert. This time around, we were thrown not just one, but four curve balls in the form of Bacon, Scallops, Tri-Tip and Cornish Hens. These four categories, while being completely different from any other NEBS dish we'd prepared, turned into a really fun and great learning experience for us. Despite no calls, we felt very happy with our turn-ins and had more fun making the dishes as we did eating them...almost.

The Rib-Off Saturday was business as usual, with the exception that we completely threw out all of last years recipes, and we started brand new with all new spices, sauces and setup. The results didn't disappoint, as we finished 21st out of the 124 teams that came to compete. Happy with this, we rolled into Sunday with some of our best looking turn-ins to-date. Again, we got blanked on calls, but out-performed nearly all other scores from last seasons' competitions. Keeping in mind that every recipe was brand new, we were happy knowing that we keep improving as a team.

With several competitions coming up in June and July, it's going to be a busy, smoke-filled summer!