Oinktoberfest 2010

Another year of competition has concluded. This year's Oinktoberfest was chock full of new challenges, high winds and even some TV personalities. All in all the event went very smooth, and we look forward to next year.

The KCBS event was rich with competition as we went up against some of the best teams in New York (IQue, Good Smoke BBQ, Buckner Brothers BBQ) as well as 2 teams showcased on the celebrated BBQ Pit Masters series (Diva Q, Ponderosa BBQ). The Meatheads hung tight with a 12th place showing in Ribs and finished 29th overall out of 57 teams, and finished 17th in the NYS BBQ Championship series.

In the Backyard Event, the Meatheads continued their tradition for calls in the Chili category (6th), for the 4th time. Our secret is pretty simple: Just let Serg do it. We finished 11th overall out of 27 teams, mostly local, in a fun day of trying new recipes and experimenting with old ones.

Although competition is done for the year, we've still got things to do. Prior to the competition we helped cater an event for the Boy Scouts of America, and with at least one pig roast in October, and potentially one more big cookout, we're still enjoying bringing quality BBQ to all of our friends and family.