Brockport BBQ & Music Festival - 2010

The Meatheads rolled into our third competition of 2010 with high hopes and expectations. The 1st Annual Brockport BBQ & Music festival was hosted by the Brockport Rotary club, and held on the SUNY Brockport Campus. The event marked the 3rd event held in Western New York this year, yielding a smaller venue catering to teams from Buffalo, Tonawanda, Rochester and other local based teams. That's not to say that the big teams weren't there, including Jacked Up BBQ and Skin & Bones. All in all, the facilities were very accommodating, especially with the ability to take a shower! We're looking towards having another great time next year, and well done to the Rotary club for a fine event.

Saturday's KCBS event had both highs and lows. Our ribs got back into the top 10 with a 7th place call. However, a new approach to chicken was met with not as good results. After some careful examination we were able to understand the problem and our next attempt should yield fruitful results. We also submitted a sauce (at the last minute) and got a call for 5th place.

Sunday's NEBS event showed us yet again that we are a major contender in the Northeast. Our original thought was with 10 teams, it really improves our chances of finishing dead last in any given event, something the Meatheads have never done. However, we stepped up to the plate, and very confidently turned in each of our boxes: Wings, Sausage, Burgers and Chef's Choice. Here is what we thought to be our best turn in of the day:

In addition to our 4th place call for the Chilli competition, we got calls for Sausage (T-3rd), Burgers (2nd), and wound up with our second consecutive Reserve Grand Champion, yet again behind our friends, Good Smoke

Heading into Oinktoberfest, the team is pumped and ready to put forth our best showing yet. We're just a small step away from Grand Champion. See you in September!