Pig Roast / Family Reunion

It was a busy weekend for the Meatheads. The fun kicked off with a Pig Roast for one of our many supporters. Using our very own Trailer Cooker (designed and built by the team) we cooked a very nice looking pig.

Have Pig Will Travel

Special Thanks to Fred and Mary Cimato for supporting our BBQ adventures!

Sunday we were able to unleash the power of our Meadow Creek Roaster, only this wasn't for a pig. The Myers Family Reunion took place at Chestnut Ridge, where everyone participated by bringing their own pizza toppings.

Bring your own toppings...

Once the pizzas were assembled, the Meatheads got to work and monitored the grill, making sure each pie was grilled to perfection.

2nd rack?

30 Pizzas later, we were very satisfied and could have gladly kept cooking well into the night. Unfortunately, we ran out of empty stomachs.

As fast as summer is going, it's nice to get out and do something for the whole family. It makes us really appreciate all the support we get. Thanks for a great time!